Lax 4 MP

8 x 8 Cement Tile

A woven mother of pearl terrazzo tile with blue & gray details

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An interweaving pattern with a speckled surprise, our Lax pattern is a touch of glitter in a modern space. Lax 4 is a blue & gray take on this modern pick. Applicable in a variety of installations, this particular cement tile looks best in good lighting – allowing the mother of pearl terrazzo pieces to truly shine!

1000 – White | MP-2003 – Slate Gray Mother of Pearl | MP-4021 – Powder Mother of Pearl

Hydraulic pressed, handmade cement tiles with a color layer of 1/8” thickness adhered to body of the tile using 1800 PSI. Composed of
portland cement, marble dust, and mineral pigments.

Tiles are sold in boxes of 12, each box is 5.33 sqft

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Technical Test Results:

Wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) ANSI A137.1 (2012) Section 9.6.1: 0.62
Water Absorption TCVN 6355 (1998) Section 3: 9.7%
Breaking Bending Load TCVN 6065 (1995) Section 5.6: 1.18 kN
Relative Resistance to Deep Abrasive Wear ASTM C1243-93 (2009): 222.6 mm3
Usage: floor, wall, kitchen, backsplash, shower floor, shower wall, freeze/thaw, fireplace surround, exterior wall, exterior floor, hospitality, commercial, residential
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