Pattern Used: Lorraine 5

Lorraine single Lorraine 5001-4 format

Project Location: Chicago, IL

The process of making cement tiles started in the 18th century and since then not much has changed. With exception to the electronic press, every other aspect of the process is still made completely by hand. There is no baking, no kiln, and no quarry. Each tile is a perfect size of 20cm x 20cm (approximately 8″ x 8″) which gives you complete customization freedom without the use of grout. Since the tiles are made by hand, customization possibilities are endless. Love a design but hate the colors? No problem. You can work with our designers to create a unique design just for you. No time to wait for a special order? That’s okay too. We keep hundreds of colorful designs as well as solid colors in-stock in both our New Jersey and Texas warehouses. Find something you love & make it yours!