We’ve all been there, a client selects a light colored tile but insists on having dark colored grout. Although aesthetically pleasing and downright trendy, the use of dark grout with light tiles, even with the
best sealers, causes excessive labor hours and stained floors. The result? Frustrated contractors and unhappy customers.

Although we strongly discourage the use of any dark grout with light colored LiLi Cement Tiles, a viable solution to stubborn clients is finally within reach!

Introducing Mapei Flexcolor CQ, an innovative grout designed for this exact problem.



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Tile installers have long had two consistent problems with existing grouts: color inconsistency with Portland cement grouts and difficulties with epoxy grout cleanup after application. By going in a different direction, our R&D labs were able to formulate MAPEI Flexcolor CQ with the latest innovation in quartz aggregate, which ensures color consistency, ease of cleanability and improved workability.

Luigi Di Geso

President and CEO, MAPEI Americas