Looking for the perfect DIY project to get you through the long summer days? We recently paired with DIY Enthusiast Summer Scott to bring you this DIY Cement Tile Mirror. A great way to add some spice to a simple and inexpensive mirror. Check out the final product on Summer’s Instagram here and her step-by-step video explaining the process!


  • LiLi Cement Tiles (size: 6 x 6, pattern: Sabine) – depending on the size of your mirror you may need more or less tiles. Summer used 24 tiles. Summer used pattern Sabine but take a look at our wide variety of patterns on our website – you can even make your own!

  •  Full Length Mirror (you can use any size mirror you want) 

  •  Plywood Board – Can be found at HomeDepot or Lowes

  •  Loctite Power Grad Construction Adhesive – used to glue the mirror onto the plywood

  •  Stainproof Original Sealer by Drytreat – All LiLi Cement Tiles must be sealed after installation and before grouting. We strongly suggest using this brand for the best protection.

  •  Sponge paint roller – to seal the tiles 

  • Custom AcrylPro Ceramic Tile AdhesiveUsed to glue the tiles to the plywood board

  • Metal Trowelused to place the adhesive for the tiles on the plywood

  • Mapei Flexcolor CQ Grout

  • Rubber grout float – for the grout

  • Damp Sponge

1. Place your mirror in the center of the plywood & arrange your tiles around it. This is when you’ll get an idea of the fit and the look of your finished product.


2. Seal the tiles with the Original Sealer by Drytreat. Use a small rolling sponge to seal each tile. 


3. Once you’ve decided how you want the tiles to lay, gently remove them one by one and trace the outline of the mirror on the plywood with a pencil


4. Using a heavy duty adhesive like Loctite Construction Adhesive (any other heavy duty adhesive like Liquid Nails will work too), place your mirror on top of the adhesive and press down gently. 


5. Place the tiles around the mirror. Working one at a time, take a tile off and place some Ceramic Tile Adhesive onto the plywood, using a metal trowel to spread it around.  Gently place the tile back onto the adhesive and move it back and forth slightly against the grooves to get it to adhere to the plywood before holding in place. Repeat this step for each tile.


6. Let the adhesive dry (should be around 24-48 hours).


7. Grout your tiles: Get a bucket of water ready, dampen your sponge and wet the tiles slightly before applying the grout (this will help you wipe off the excess grout). Using the rubber grout float, cover the cracks between the tiles and scrape the excess grout off. Go back in with your damp sponge and wipe all of the excess grout off. Work in small sections (one or two tiles at a time).


8. Allow to completely dry & enjoy your beautiful new mirror!

*Tip: If you do not wipe all of the grout off with the sponge and it dries on the tiles, you can get dried grout off using 220 sandpaper and water. (Make sure you use water or the sandpaper can scratch the tiles) Be sure to reseal after!

Send us pictures of your completed mirrors for a chance to be featured on our social media!